The Queen and the Professor

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

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The Story Behind The Queen and the Professor Show

It was a hot, claustrophobic, COVID day in August 2020, when The Professor, Rob LeVine, opened a most interesting, fascinating, and challenging email from The Queen, Shelley Roxanne. An email that required follow up, for The Professor knew that this might be the person for whom he had been searching, literally, for thirty years. 

Twelve minutes into their first zoom meeting, Rob looked at Shelley and stated, much to his own surprise ‘if it’s not you, it’s nobody.’ Neither Shelley nor Rob knew what was meant by this statement. After this call, Rob enrolled in an intense training given by Ms. Roxanne through which a great dialogue and phenomenal friendship began. It wasn’t long before The Professor came to the conclusion that Ms. Roxanne was in fact The Person for whom he had been searching. 

Shelley and Rob engaged in over three hundred intense hours of discussions, debate and amazing laughter before meeting in person in November 2020. The topics covered philosophy, personal growth and evolution; self-esteem; law; politics; morals; ethics; relationships; sex, love; purpose of life; family and the list goes on. It was not unusual to spend 6 or 7 hours a day in pure dialogue. At times there were opposing views or philosophies (or so it seemed), which led to some very ‘heated discussions’.

Sequenced in between all of this intense intellectual activity, was a ton of laughter and a humorous connection which was as solid and engaging as their intellectual connection. Laughing, sometimes hysterically, was, and continues to be a regular part of the communication between The Queen and The Professor.

The dynamics of their relationship-intense, intellectual, loving and humorous, coupled with joy shared in open, candid, mutually respectful conversations between the two, led Shelley to her vision of The Queen and The Professor Show.  She envisioned a show which would present candid challenging, thought provoking, unscripted conversations which uplifted those who watched to inspire people to maximize everything life has to offer.

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The Queen and The Professor is the most dynamic, informative thought-provoking show ever put on the airwaves. Shelley Roxanne and Robert LeVine have independently established themselves as thought leaders and innovators through their speaking, published works, and decades of hands-on counseling to diverse audiences, ranging from juveniles in maximum security detention centers to high profile celebrities and couples trying to navigate celebrity status or trying to save a marriage. The Queen and The Professor bring the full range of their intellect, experiences and expertise to each and every show. 

The Queen and The Professor, the ‘not so odd odd couple’, have each independently spent a lifetime in the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, personally and professionally. Placed in contact with one and other through restrictions and opportunities created by COVID-19, Shelley and Rob met on Zoom and immediately connected. The 300+ hours of conversation that preceded their first face to face meeting, were intense and sometimes explosive. These conversations led to Shelley’s vision for the show. 

Shelley and Rob share a passion for life and for pursuing a purpose driven existence; however, the perspectives and beliefs of The Queen and The Professor are often quite different. The intellectual divergence and distinct perspectives create fertile ground for very interesting and dynamic discussions. They often disagree, but are not disagreeable in the process.

The Queen and The Professor covers an extremely broad range of topics designed to stimulate thought and discussion and to entertain. It is immediately apparent to anyone watching the show that Shelley and Rob are having a great time in each of the unscripted, spontaneous discussions undertaken.

The Queen and The Professor discuss issues that are of importance and relevant to real people. These are not just high- level philosophical concepts, or theories of personal evolution, though those topics are discussed. Shelley and Rob also talk about sex, relationships and the real world. Not as you have heard it before; however, as The Queen stated when the show began “This is grown folks talking. Talk like you have never heard before”. Parental discretion is essential.

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Shelley Roxanne is a Radio and TV Personality and is #1 Best Selling Author of the ground-breaking book The Frustrated Believer - What to do when you don’t know what to do. She is an award winning Peak Performance Coach, known globally as The Queen of Optimism and has been Named a National Woman of Influence by a National Magazine.  Having beat out Billionaire Mark Cuban for the #1 spot in its category, Shelley’s ground-breaking book, is changing lives all over the globe.  It is a fun, provocative and profoundly insightful read that illustrates how anyone - no matter what their, age, faith, religion or personal philosophy - can, with the right mindset, enjoy this exciting journey called life.  

As an award winning talk show host, Shelley has interviewed the greats like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Author, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Mr. Fire - Joe Vitale, The Father of Motivation - Wayne Dyer, Teachers of the Secret, Famous Amos and more.  She is a player coach who sits on both sides of the broadcast desk.  As an Interviewee, she's been interviewed by and pitched to Television Producers from the major networks, Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, hundreds of Radio hosts, podcasters and journalists, just to name a few.  As an Exec in the Entertainment Industry, she has managed the careers of some of the industries top artists.

Now she has inked a deal to launch her own Television Network - SHEROX TV which will be stream in 100 million homes across the globe at it's launch in September 2021. The network will air original programming which is guaranteed to enlighten, enrich and entertain viewers. The flagship show - The Queen and the Professor is already getting rave reviews from early previews. Shelley Roxanne is definitely the one to watch.


Famed Law Professor Robert LeVine is the best selling author of The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy, the first and only book in history to condense, and explain, the content of a massive statutory scheme through the form of a short story novel. The book entertains, enlightens and empowers its readers as it teaches and guides the reader through the pervasive and powerful content of the Uniform Commercial Code. The book has received world and nationally recognized endorsements and is a long-time Best Seller on the Amazon Business Law Best Seller’s list. In addition to two decades as a law professor, LeVine spent a decade speaking to State Bar Associations throughout the United States as a featured Continuing Legal Education presenter, teaching the Uniform Commercial Code in one day. He now offers this unique training to non-lawyers and business people, who he believes should definitely have a working knowledge of this important law if they want a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

The Professor is now taking on the entertainment world with his bold, hysterical and thoughtful personality to join the Queen of Optimism in a show people are calling "Grown Folks Talk". You won't want to miss one episode of this thought-provoking, often hilarious duo.


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